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Access Municipal can help during the pre-employment process, both pre and post offer to help make informed decisions. We provide services to assess and narrow down applicants for a specific job interview.  Pre-employment testing is an essential tool that can ease out the hiring process, while screening job applicants.

You control the depth of the investigation and evolution process.

Psychological Profiling

Dependent upon the job and the requirements of the job, it may be necessary to test aptitude, behavior or emotional stability or a variety of other performance measures to assure that a fit will be good. Executive level assessments can be quite helpful in separating out potential candidates.

Post Job Offer/ Pre-Employment

In this critical period, the fine turning of job candidates can be extremely helpful; potentially giving new employees a running start and assuring their ability to perform the duties of the job.

Substance Abuse Testing

The testing process may be limited to evidence of abuse for drugs or alcohol, or it may be expanded to access the use of legally obtained medications which may be contraindicated in safety sensitive positions.

Pre-Employment Physicals

Under the guidelines of the American Disabilities Act, the pre-employment evaluation serves two purposes: 1) the job categories with critical duties requiring certain physical capabilities. 2) The medical evaluation and test determine the ability to perform within these justifiable and specific guidelines. In federally monitored programs, such as seen in the transportation industries, the ability to meet minimal federal standards can be tested. In addition, the pre-employment physical allows for a “snap shot” of the past and present health of the employee at the time of hire. This information can be invaluable should some new health issue arise at a later date.


Training programs can be administered to the post job offered pre-employment candidate covering general industry topics in safety and health thereby limiting the duration of the orientation training process once the employee is on the payroll. The employee can start the job trained, certified and ready to go.

The Era of Employment

Our full service Occupational Medicine providers can provide ongoing medical surveillance, biological monitoring and industrial counseling and consultation services, such as:

  • The injured worker can be managed using the best practices of industrial based medicine.
  • The annual training requirements can be set up specific to the industry and the employer to meet all regulatory needs and to maximize and insurance benefit that can be obtained through.
  • Consultation on safety programs with OSHA compliance.
  • Substance abuse surveillance and management programs.
Occupational Medicine providers New York
Employee Relations Support New York
Employee Relations Support
  • Teams available of independent human resource professionals to help access and analyze internal problems such as sexual misconduct, discrimination, assessment of ADA and FMLA issues, and other matters.
  • Specializing in municipal matters with interface with legal representation.
  • Advise and guide the development of Personal Policies and Procedures Manual (for employers) and Employee Handbook (for employees)

Workers Compensation/Illness Related Services

Specializing in the injured or ill employee, Access Municipal offers the most comprehensive set of programs to help to oversee and manage through these difficult times.

  • Injured workers may be seen by specialists in the field of occupational medicine utilizing state of the art resources throughout the medical community to facilitate evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation.
  • The premium medical consultation services are available to provide independent medical evaluations (IMEs) in all fields of expertise, to assure that the claim is being handled properly and fairly.
  • Developing a return to work program can significantly reduce costs and improve the overall outcome.
  • A staff of nurse case managers is available to be assigned to workers injured in the worker’s compensation system, or out on disability to oversee and maximize the level and quality of the care being provided and to expedite final resolution in the process of dealing with such medical conditions.
Workers Compensation/Illness Related Services New York