Access Municipal- Public Safety

Firefighters, Police Departments & Emergency Medical Personnel

Access Municipal Risk Management Services works with state, city and town public safety departments to ensure they have the Medico Legal Support and training they need.

Public Safety - Medico Legal Support & Training Services New York
Public Safety - Medico Legal Support & Training Services New York
Medico Legal Support- 207 (a) + (c) Assessment

General Municipal Law§ 207-(a) and (c) provides for the payment of full salary or wages and the cost of all medical treatment and hospital care for an individual injured or taken ill as the result of the performance of his/her job duties.

GML § 207-a covers firefighters. GML § 207-c covers police officers, deputy sheriffs and deputy sheriff county corrections officers among other law enforcement personnel.

Initially, a municipality may deny an application for GML § 207-a or GML § 207-c benefits absent any competent medical evidence of a casual relationship between the disability and the injury or illness sustained as a result of the performance of duties. The employee must present evidence from a personal physician that the injury or illness is casually connected to the performance of duties. Access Municipal administers these independent medical exams.